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Homeopathic Care for Colds and Flu

 This year you may want to consider adding homeopathic remedies to your arsenal

Homeopathic care works best when you match the symptoms experienced as closely as possible to the homeopathic remedy’s drug picture. This includes physical and emotional symptoms as homeopathy works to heal the whole person. There can be many different remedies for the same ailment as each ailment affects everyone differentlySome examples of remedies and the specific symptoms of colds and flu they work best for are listed below

Colds Symptoms Remedy

Early stages of cold start with sneezing and clear runny nose which may also be blocked; cold sores may appear. Have desire to be left alone, dislike of sympathy, feel worse from mental and physical exertion near noise, talking or music. Feel better from fasting and fresh air.  Natrum muriaticum


A cold with yellow mucus, nose is blocked at night and runs during the day. There is a lack of thirst and loss of smell, headaches may occur above the eyes. You feel worse in the sun, with heat, from rich fatty foods and in evening and night. You feel better from exercise, cold drinks, crying and receiving sympathy   Pulsatilla

Sinus Congestion

Symptoms Remedy Sinus congestion with facial tenderness, profuse amounts of yellow mucus with sneezing, irritability, may have chills. Feel worse from getting cold, being touched, or in a draft. Feel better from sitting in a warm place, and wrapping the head in warmth. Hepar sulphuris calcareum 


Symptoms Remedy

Fever with chills up and down spine, not thirsty, legs are weak and shaky, headache and bone pain. Feels worse from humidity, tobacco smoke, in the sun, and in the early morning or last thing at night. Feel better from fresh air, movement, and from bending forward. Gelsemium 

High fever comes on suddenly, face is flushed, sore throat, eyes staring wide open, may be confused or delirious. Feel worse from movement, light or noise, lying down, and at night. Feel better standing or sitting upright, in a warm room. 


Flu with severe throbbing headache that worsens when eyes move, or with coughing. Dehydration is present with desire to drink plenty of fluids frequently, and there is a desire to be at home. Feel worse in late afternoon and evening, from eating or coughing, with noise, bright light, touch, or movement. 


and Influenzinum are two very popular homeopathic flu remedies that you may have heard of or even seen advertised on TV. They are a little different because they are used as the same remedy for everyone and are not individualized based on symptoms.

is the number one over the counter flu medication in France where it is made by the French company Boiron. A study in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology found that it may help shorten the duration of the illness and reduce the need for other medications for symptom relief. It is most effective if taken at the first sign of a cold or flu.

is made from the current flu vaccine each year. It is used predominantly for flu prevention and is marketed as an alternative to the flu shot in Europe.

You can find a simple, concise charthttp://www.homeopathic.org/flu_pdfs/CastroFluRemedies.pdf">chart> provided by The National Center for Homeopathy to help guide you in selecting the most appropriate homeopathic remedy for a variety of flu symptoms.


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The National Center for Homeopathy

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